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All discounts are forfeited upon cancellation.

Credits must be used within 365 days

Exhibit Booth Cancellations
Signed reservation forms, online website reservations, email reservations and verbal requests are all subject to the cancellation policy.

All cancellations must be emailed to

Booths cancelled by June 1st receive a 100% refund.

Booths cancelled by October 1st receive a 50% refund or owe 50% of the invoice amount.

There are no refunds for booths cancelled after October 1st, and 100% of the invoice amount is due.

Registration – Cancellations and Substitutions

Cancelled registrations may be transferred to another new attendee at any time by sending the following to

Cancelled AttendeeNew Attendee


Job Title

Attendees may cancel, and receive full credit to the following years conference, minus a $150 service fee.

There are no refunds for cancelled registrations.

Cancellation policies are in effect upon submission of registration.

Speakers Cancellations
By submitting an abstract you agree to attend the conference if your abstract is accepted.  Abstract acceptance is sent via email within 7 business days of submission through our website.  Once the acceptance is sent, a speaker has 7 days to retract their submission without penalty.  After 7 days the speaker is subject to the following:

Cancelled by August 1st receive a 50% refund or owe 50% of the current speaker registration rate.

No refunds for cancellations after August 1st, and 100% of the current speaker registration rate is due.

In the event that you are not able to attend you agree to take every measure to provide a qualified replacement to present on your behalf.  If your replacement is presenting multiple papers, they may be subject to additional speaker fees.

Funds are non-transferableFunds owed or paid for one EUEC service item may not be transferred toward another EUEC service item. Exhibits, registrations, sponsorships, ads, etc. are all separate service items.  Ex: You can not cancel a booth and use the monies paid/owed toward a sponsorship.

Optional Items Cancellations
Golf, flash drives, meal tickets, workshops, sponsorships or any other optional purchase will not receive a credit or refund at any time.

Change in Registration Type
Refunds are not available for change in registration type.  ex:  A full conference registration is $100 more than a speaker registration.  If you register as a full conference attendee, then submit a paper, you will not receive a $100 refund.