+ Each speakers has 20-mins for PowerPoint and Q&A
+ There are 6 speakers in each session, 2 hours long

Common Question:

When do I submit my presentation?  Email your presentation to by 12/31/2015.  Bring a back up/final version to the conference.  Leave the final version on the conference laptop.

When am I speaking?  All tracks, sessions, times, and placements are subject to change until we go to print.  After the final program is set, we will notify you via email and put the final program on

Is there a presentation template?  We do not have a set template.  Presentations should be saved as a PowerPoint or unlocked PDF.  

Will the presentation rooms have WiFi?  The convention center is WiFi enabled, but there is a per device, per day charge for the use of the network.

Track A: Air Policy & Regulations
Track B: CEMS & Air Quality
Track C: Mercury Control
Track D: Energy Policy & Security
Track E: SO2, NOx, PM Control
Track F: Renewable Energy
Track G: Power Plant O & M
Track H: CCS & Fuel Technology
Track I:  Water & Remediation
Track J: Transportation
Track K: Natural Resource Management