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Common Question:

When do I submit my PowerPoint presentation? 

Email your presentation to info@euec.com by January 31st.  Bring a back up/final version in a flash drive to the conference. 

When am I speaking? 

All tracks, sessions, times, and placements are subject to change until the Final Program is ready for print and published online.

Is there a presentation template? 

We do not have a set template.  Presentations should be saved as a PowerPoint or unlocked PDF.  

Will the presentation rooms have WiFi?

The convention center is WiFi enabled, but there is a per device, per day charge for the use of their network.


Speaker Guidelines



Track A: Regulatory Update
Track B: CEMS & Air Quality
Track C: Mercury Control
Track D: Energy Policy & Security
Track E: SO2, NOx & SCR
Track F: Renewable Energy
Track G: O&M, EHS & DDD
Track H: GHG, ELG, CCR & CCS
Track I:  Water & 316(b)
Track J: Battery & Storage