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email: info@euec.com

1. One Page Advertisement In Show Guide (DEADLINE February 15) – $1,000

Its not too late to print a one page PdF color advertisement in the EUEC Program Guide.
Email a 6″ x 9.5″ (1/4″ bleed) CMYK color pdf file to info@euec.com by February 15th.

The Show Guide is the official, up-to-date information on the EUEC event. One page color Advertisement distributed to 1,700 delegates, is continuously referenced multiple times a day by all attendees. You can have your logo included or do two facing page ads.

2. Session Sponsor receive Attendee list – $500 per session (DEADLINE February 15)

As a Session Sponsor you receive the full contact information of all attendees to your session. The cost is $500. You may also Co-chair the session you are speaking, with your company logo prominently advertised among the leading experts in the industry.

3. Advertisement in ENERGYNews – $500 per issue (50,000 distribution)

Leverage the EUEC network to reach 50,000 professionals in the energy utility and environment sector in North America. Place your logo and advertisement on ENERGYNews (linked to your website) announcing your new product, service or just your exhibit and speaking topics!

4. Sign-in Table – Attendee Lanyard, Badge Holders, with your Company Logo and information – $3,000 (SOLD)

An excellent opportunity to market to every one of the attendees at the sign-in table with logo placement on lanyards of the attendee name badge holders, with your information.

5. Back Packs with your Company Brochure and Information Stuffed – $3,000

An excellent opportunity to market with your company brochure, and other material, stuffed in EUEC Backpack provided to every one of the 1,500 attendees at the sign-in table. Mail to receive by Feb 23rd.

6. Hotel Key Cards – $5,000

Effectively place your business card in every attendee’s pocket. Four-color custom design imprinted on Hotel Key Cards distributed to all attendees staying at official show hotels.

7. Your Logo On Flash Drive Conference Proceedings – $5,000 (DEADLINE Feb 23)

What’s more important to the conference delegates after the event than the complete conference proceedings? This package allows maximum take-home exposure with your logo on the top of every credit-card type fl ash drive. A full electronic brochure advertisement of your company is included in the fl ash drive.

8. Lunch / Reception Sponsorship – $5,000 each event (DEADLINE Feb 16)

As a Network Reception sponsor you will have your name and logo in front of 1,500 conference attendees, and on each meal ticket.

9. COFFEE Break Sponsorship – $3,000 each event – Monday (SOLD)
– $3,000 each event – Tuesday (DEADLINE Feb 16)

As a Network Reception sponsor you will have your name and logo in front of 1,500 conference attendees, and on each meal ticket.