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By |2018-06-22T21:40:52+00:00September 19th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|Comments Off on MERCURY CONTROL – (DSI AND ACI)

 C2.1 Activated Carbon For MATS Compliance: How to get the most out of your RFP process Erica Gonzaga, Applications Engineer, Carbonxt, Inc.; Heather Byrne PhD, PE, Michelle Brown PE, & Jack Drwiega PE As the deadline for MATS compliance is just around the corner, your strategy for the control of mercury (Hg) emissions should be well [...]

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By |2018-06-22T21:40:52+00:00September 11th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|Comments Off on CEMS & HCL MONITORING

Abstracts of Presentations on CEMS & HCL MONITORING made in Track B at EUEC 2015, San Diego, CA. are listed below the summary: B3.1 Experience using Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy (CEAS) for HCl Measurement on a Coal-fired Power Plant Steve Gibbons, Business Development Manager, ABB Inc. Regulations recently promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) require qualifying [...]

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By |2018-06-22T21:40:52+00:00September 7th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|Comments Off on CARBON CAPTURE & STORAGE (CCS) and (CCR)

Presentations on CCS & CCR made in Track H at EUEC 2015, San Diego, CA. H8.1 W.A. PARISH POST-COMBUSTION CO2 CAPTURE & SEQUESTRATION PROJECT Ted McMahon, Project Manager, U.S. Department of Energy; Anthony Armpriester, Petra Nova LLC The U.S. Department of Energy is providing financial assistance to Petra Nova Parish Holding, LLC, a subsidiary of [...]

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By |2018-06-22T21:40:53+00:00September 6th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|Comments Off on PERMITS & COMPLIANCE

Presentations on Permits & Compliance made in Track A at EUEC 2015, San Diego, CA. A6.1 Compliance Determinations for Coal-Fired EGUs that are Subject to BART Carl Weilert, Principal Consultant, CVW Consultants, LLC EPA’s Regional Haze (RH) Rule requires the installation of best available retrofit technology (BART) on emission sources in 26 source categories that [...]

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By |2018-06-22T21:40:53+00:00September 6th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|Comments Off on OPERATIONS & MANAGEMENT

Presentations on OPERATIONS & MANAGEMENT made in G6 & G8 at EUEC 2015, San Diego, CA   G6.1 Operational Improvements with High Reactivity Hydrated Lime DSI Pat Mongoven, Business Development Manager, Mississippi Lime; Curt Biehn High Reactivity Hydrated Lime is now being widely used in the utility industry to improve in flight capture of acid gases. Because [...]

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By |2018-06-22T21:40:53+00:00September 1st, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|Comments Off on ALTERNATE FUEL, HYBRID & ELECTRIC FLEETS

Presentations from TRACK J: TRANSPORTATION at EUEC 2015, San Diego, CA   J1.1 Alternative Fuels Fleet Analysis to Reduce Fuel Costs & GHG Emissions Kevin Wood, Project Manager, Clean Transportation, Center for Sustainable Energy; Randy Wilde The Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) has worked with the County of San Diego to analyze the fleet adoption [...]

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By |2018-06-22T21:40:53+00:00September 1st, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|Comments Off on BATTERY & ENERGY STORAGE

Presentations from Sessions J4 and F8 at EUEC 2015, San Diego, CA   J4.1 Advanced Lead Acid Battery Technology for Micro and Mild Hybrid EV Application Shawn Peng, V.P of Technology, Leoch Battery Corp. In this presentation, the latest technology of the advanced lead acid batteries will be reviewed. With the global environmental concern and [...]

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By |2018-06-22T21:40:53+00:00August 24th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|Comments Off on FGD ZLD WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT

Presentations made in Session I5 and I6 at EUEC 2015 in San Diego, CA   I5.1 Achieving FGD Wastewater ZLD through Encapsulation: Challenges, Benefits, & Technology Readiness Morgan French, Research Engineer, Southern Company Services; Kirk Ellison With impending changes to the Steam Effluent Guidelines, research to find technologies for FGD wastewater is ongoing. In addition to [...]

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By |2018-06-22T21:40:53+00:00August 20th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|Comments Off on EHS, EMIS & RISK MANAGEMENT

Presented at EUEC 2015: Feb 16-28, San Diego, CA. G3.1 A Technology-Driven, Systems Approach to Managing EHS Programs Joseph Tell, Managing Partner, Tellevate EHS managers face an increasingly complex landscape of risks, requirements & regulations & often have limited resources available to effectively manage their responsibilities. A formal EHS management system approach can help the [...]

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By |2018-06-22T21:40:53+00:00August 4th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|Comments Off on CLEAN POWER PLAN

Presented at EUEC 2015: San Diego, CA. (Session A1 & A2)   A1.1 Regulatory Update John Kinsman, Sr. Director - Environment, Edison Electric Institute   A1.2 The Post-Clean Power Plan Coal Fleet and Compliance with Other Air, Water & Waste Rules Jay Holloway, Partner, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP As coal unit operators finalized plans to [...]